FAISALBAD-Four wedding guests died after consuming toxic liquor here in Samundri, reported a prvate TV channel on Monday.

The channel reported that the tragic incident occurred during the wedding ceremony of a police official Muhammad Asif in a suburban village.

Four guests Muhammad Zubair, Waseem, Ahmad and moviemaker Muhammad Usman, resident of Sheikhupura consumed liquor before going to bed at night.

The family came to know about their death when they did not wake up in Monday morning.

Initially, the host family claimed the victims died due to suffocation, however, locals revealed that they had consumed liquor, which resulted in their deaths.

Police shifted the bodies to civil hospital for medico-legal formalities and autopsy. It is to be noted that mass liquor poisoning incidents have been frequent, especially in Punjab and Sindh provinces. Last year in December, at least 44 persons, most of them Christian, fell prey to toxic liquor in Toba Tek Singh on Christmas Eve.