There is a lot of focus on milk quality nowadays. I would like to share a small story with the readers, so they are aware that their children are growing up consuming liquefied poison. 

Yesterday, I bought loose milk from a reputed milk shop for household consumption. As it boiled, an unbearable odor filled the air as the milk had changed its color to pale yellow. I have heard about this happening, but this was the first time I had seen it myself. 

Since the shopkeeper refused to acknowledge that the milk was bad, I decided to do my own research. I found that E. coli and other pathogens can be present in loose milk through improper handling and non-sanitary milking procedures. Furthermore, in our country, to make up for increasing demand, milk suppliers adulterate the milk to increase quantity and shelf life. Adulterants include glucose, cane sugar, caustic soda, starch, urea, sorbitol, and chemicals like formalin, hydrogen peroxide, boric acid melamine. 

It is sad to see that corruption has not only contaminated the nation’s growth but our children’s health as well. 

I urge all relevant authorities to take serious action against unhygienic milk distributors who put our lives on the line for profits. Till then, it is better to use UHT milk, since the process ensures milk is bacteria free. 


Karachi, January 1.