I had been silent over the Zainab incident up till now, because I couldn't encapsulate my grief over this incident in mere words. Three words, kidnapped, raped and murdered cannot define the tragedy that has befallen on the departed soul, as well as her family. I believe that no set of words can fathom the amount of pain the departed soul would have gone through at the time of her brutal murder. However, instead of being silent, it is high time to face the reality, instead of running away from it. It is high time to encounter people in anguish, people in agony. It is high time to see poor families being devastated at the loss of their innocent children, to see fathers’ trembling hands while burying their sexually abused, little daughters. 

I would like to begin by sharing that last night, half of the Walled Lahore, and the surrounding areas were jammed because of the rallies led by 'enthusiastic' young boys, who were all set to give 'justice' to the poor soul. They not only blocked the roads but stopped cars, broke their windows, and hurt people, as well. One of my relatives got beaten up by some of the protestors, out of rage. Is this the way the departed soul would get justice? Sadly, no. The point I am trying to make here is, that not all but many of these people have hundreds of Zainabs victimized by numerous of Child molesters in their own families. So protests, without bringing about a change, are useless.

It is rightly said that when people can't change anything, they transform that into a religion, and sell it for their own benefit. Instead of actually changing the system by implementing Child Protection Laws, and by making Child Abuse Education a part of the curriculum, the only thing our government is doing is condolence. Her case is being used to fuel the feud between different political parties. The media has made Zainab brand and using it as a medium to boost the TRPs of their channels. Social media is also taking advantage of it by marketing fake posts about Zainab. I mean, what are we? Animals?  It is high time to ask the victims, that why can’t they rise against this blatant oppression? Why can’t they break the shackles of this persecution? Why this deafening silence? To my amazement, victims look up to the corrupt leaders for justice. It is ironic that they see their saviors in their indirect oppressors. I question them as to why they wait for a savior when you can be your own savior. Why can’t we follow the grandson of the Holy Prophet, Imam Hussain who, along with his 72 companions, saved Islam from a tyrant like Yazid? If our rulers are oppressors like Yazid, then why can’t we see our saviors in the blood, will, and sacrifices of Imam Hussain? Not always, saviors transcend from the paradise, sometimes we have to make our will and action our savior. It is about time that we unearth a savior from within. Sadly we would be losing more daughters to the cruelty of mankind, if no Hussain from within breaks the shackles of oppression. 

I am sorry but this is just another hype that wouldn't last long. Almost every other kid is abused or molested during childhood, generally by an older relative or a close acquaintance, and we do nothing about it. Therefore, it is highly requested that one should not follow the ongoing media trends, only. Instead, we should be vigilant enough to save the Zainabs of our families. Raise awareness about Child Abuse so that practical changes could be brought in the society, instead of temporary wordy hypes.