Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan Hina Rabbani Khar has stated that United States is not present in South Asia for peace and stability rather for chaos in the region. 

During an interview to CNN, Khar asserted that she is not a conspiracy theorist but with passage of time and observing the developments she has started to believe this. 

"As George Friedman states in his book The Next 100 Years, US is present there to create chaos in the region so that Russia, China, Iran and other regional countries can be contained," she said. 

While discussing the tweet of US President Donald Trump, former minister said that if she was in Foreign Office, she would have "ignored the tweet" and be "more concerned about tweeter than the tweet". 

"This person is a habitual tweeter who tweet rather flippantly which is more like waking up on specific side of the bed," she said. 

Khar also commented on blockade of US aid for Pakistan stating that Trump's belief about Pakistan's dependence on US aid is "rather exaggerated." 

"Trump talked about $33 billion in aid but truth is that since 2001 Pakistan has received some $4.8 billion in military assistance and around $ 5.3 billion in realm of civilian assistance," she mentioned.