MULTAN-Jamaat-e-Islami South Punjab Ameer Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar declared on Wednesday the JI would mark Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5 with full zeal across the country and central, provincial and district leaders of the party would lead Kashmir rallies.

Talking to the journalists here, he added that the JI would leave no stone unturned to highlight Kashmir issue on international level. He said that Kashmir was under illegal occupation of India for the last 70 years but the UNO kept mum and did nothing to enforce its resolutions on Kashmir. He said that the residents of Kashmir took all peaceful measures to get their right to self determination but to no avail.

He said that seven lac Indian troops created a new history of barbarianism in Kashmir and killed over one lac Kashmiris under an organised genocide-like campaign. He said that India applied new methods of terror in Kashmir and use of pallet guns was a big example. He pointed out that the use of pallet guns by forces was banned in entire world but Indian forced used it at large scale and deprived thousands of Kashmiris of their eyes. He maintained that rapes, tortures, destruction of orchards and houses were some other examples of organized crimes of Indian forces in Kashmir.

He lamented that the government of Pakistan, which was a major stakeholder in Kashmir case, looked incapable of discharging its obligation. He said that the Kashmir issue required practical steps from Pakistan than mere lip service.

He asked the government to raise Kashmir issue with full force on international level and stand by Kashmir movement.