The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday issued a written verdict detailing its order to all private schools in the country charging above Rs5,000 monthly to cut their fee by 20 percent.

In its detailed judgement, the apex court has clarified that its order dated December 13, 2018 applies to all private schools which charge fee in excess of Rs5,000 per month throughout the country, without any exception.

Private schools charging less than Rs5,000 in monthly fee are exempt from the order.

The order states that all awards, scholarships and other incentives already given to students shall remain intact and shall neither be reduced nor withdrawn.

The court has further ordered that the schools shall not take any steps to reduce the salaries or number of teachers employed by the schools at the time when the interim order was passed, till further orders.

Any school that wrote insulting letters to the parents in relation to the Supreme Court’s order shall be issued a notice.