There has been a war in Afghanistan for the past 17 years. Some serious and comprehensive talks have been started between the US and the Afghan Taliban for the last many months. After more than one and half decades, the US has realised that peace in Afghanistan cannot be brought by war. Only the meaningful talks can pave the ways for bringing the peace back in Afghanistan.

Besides, President Trump has recently announced to unilaterally drawing down the American troops’ presence in Afghanistan from 14,000 to 7,000. Such sudden announcement of Trump’s administration leads scholars to the two important perspectives.

Firstly, some experts opine that the US cannot win the Afghan war militarily. Therefore, the presence of military in Afghanistan is not needed. Secondly, this drawdown of troops shows the surrender of the US before the Afghan Taliban. And, this may increase their confidence. As a result, they may stick to their high demands during the peace talks.


Sindh, December 9.