LAHORE            -             Expert nutritionist Dr Sehar Chawla has stressed upon making nutrition part of the educational course in order to make the society healthy and super fit. Dr Sehar said world has been making great progress in every field especially in sports and they are producing the best and super fit athletes, who are earning glories in international events for their respective countries. “In almost every sports playing country, the players know very well about their diet plans and also know well which diet is better to keep them healthy and super fit. This is all just because of knowledge of nutrition, which is being imparted to every student at school, college and university level but in Pakistan, our top national and even international players don’t know which diet plan suit them the best and how will they remain super fit for international events. “There is a dire need to educate our players at school level about their diet plans as it will help them remain super fit and healthy and improve their life style as well mental and physical strength.” Dr Sehar said that the sports federations should take drastic steps to promote nutrition and make it necessary for all athletes to get better results at higher level.