ISLAMABAD                 -                The Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) has increased its charges for different municipal services manifold including the birth and death certificates.

The 45th session of MCI was held at Pakistan China Friendship Centre under the chair of Mayor Islamabad Shaikh Anser Aziz. The session approved a summary proposing the revision of different charges of the services offered by its directorate of municipal administration.

The fee for the registration of death and birth certificate within one month has been increased from Rs110 to Rs300, fee for same facility on applying after one year has been raised from Rs230 to Rs600 and fee for applying after five years has been increased from Rs680 to Rs1,200.

Meanwhile, the rate to issue trade licences has also been increased by dividing federal capital into three categories - A, B and C. The E, F and G series, Blue Area, Diplomatic Enclave and Saidpur village are placed in category A, and I sectors are placed in category B, while rest of the areas falling under the territorial limits of Islamabad are placed in category C.   

MCI is issuing trade licences for 67 businesses in Islamabad and the rates for all types have been increased. The annual rate for five star hotels has been increased from Rs25,000 to Rs2.4 million, and the rate for three and four star hotels has been raised from Rs12,000 to Rs120,000.    

Fee for licences of restaurants has been increased from Rs25,000 to Rs200,000, fee for departmental stores from Rs20,000 to Rs200,000, charges for dry-cleaning centres from Rs20,000 to Rs100,000,  and for hair cutting salon from Rs5,000 to Rs24,000.

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The fee for other trade licences was also increased which includes licence fee for medical labs, hospitals, marriage halls, factories, gift shops, and fuel stations.

The charges for advertisement have also been increased by the MCI. The fee for the ordinary signboard is increased from Rs20 per square feet to Rs100 per square feet while the fee for several other categories including steamers, temporary hoardings, filling stations boards and sign boards has also been increased.

Meanwhile, the elected members of the city also criticised the poor condition of sanitation services in the capital and used harsh words for the Director Sanitation MCI Sardar Khan Zimri.

They alleged that he is in nexus with sanitation contractors and is responsible for the poor cleanliness in the city.

The members blamed that the sanitary workers stage protest on the instigation of Sardar and suggested to replace him immediately.

On the other side, the Director Sanitation briefed the house that his formation is facing shortage of human resources and machinery. He said we are extending our services to both the rural and urban areas of the city in best possible way.

The Mayor of Islamabad intervened in the matter and directed to constitute a committee to ensure effective sanitation services delivery in both the rural and urban areas.