ISLAMABAD             -           Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation (PTBF) Secretary Ijaz Ur Rehman on Thursday announced national and international events calendar for 2020.

Talking to The Nation, Ijaz said like previous years, the federation will continue to provide maximum opportunities to bowlers of the country. “This year, the PTBF will host five national events in Rawalpindi and Karachi including 13th National Ranking Tenpin Bowling Championship 2020 in Karachi from March 25 to 30 while Rawalpindi will host ranking event form June 25 to 28, the Islamabad Open Tenpin Bowling Championship to be played from August 9 to 14, 6th PTBF Tenpin Bowling Championship will be held in Karachi from October 25 to 31 and Pakistan Open Tenpin Bowling Championship to be held in Rawalpindi from December 25 to 31.”

Ijaz said besides holding national events, the federation will also participate in the international championship in Korea to be held from May 14 to 20. The national team will take part in the 26h Asian Tenpin Bowling Championship to take place from July 20 to 26 in Hong Kong while the PTBF will also send the national team for U-22 International Tenpin Bowling Championship to be held from August 26 to 30 in Japan and also take part in the 55th Cubica AMF World Tenpin Bowling Championship in Kuwait.” Ijaz lamented that the government hadn’t released a single penny grant to the federation for last two years. “We are visiting Pakistan Sports Complex daily and request the Acting DG and former IPC Secretary to have mercy on Pakistani bowling and issue special grant so that our players may take part in international events. 

“Our file is also long pending with the PSB/IPC as we had requested several times to the IPC Minister to start work on joint venture of establishing 24-lane international bowling alley at the PSB premises. The PC-I was long approved, while the PSB Executive Committee had also given go ahead. But I don’t know why work isn’t being done on this project and why the IPC Minister is not seeking report from Acting PSB DG Amna Imran in this regard.  We can easily host top level international events, once the 24-lane alley is ready. I request Dr Fehmida again to issue directives to concerned authorities to start work on bowling alley,” Ijaz concluded.