SHIKARPUR/KARACHI:               -          Dr Rizwan Ahmed Khan, Shikarpur Police chief, has leveled serious allegations against Sindh Minister for Energy Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh, his son Faraz Shaikh and his brother Maqbool Ahmed Shaikh, a former provincial minister, in his report sent to the deputy inspector general of police Larkana Range.

The report, which went viral on social and electronic media, Shikarpur SSP Dr Rizwan Ahmed Khan has accused the provincial minister of patronizing criminals, including those dealing in drugs, hiring a gang of criminals to intimidate his political opponents, and also involved in murdering the son of Advocate Shahnawaz Brohi, also his political rival, constantly pressurizing him (the district SSP himself) for postings of police personnel loyal to him, who, as per the report, leaked secret information to him; resulting in the failure of several raids, conducted to nab him. The report states that after re-joining the district Shikarpur, the undersigned [SSP Shikarpur] faced severe resistance from the minister Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh. As a proof, the SSP gives an example of an incident of mugging from a polio team in the report, allegedly done by the gunman of brother of Imtiaz Shaikh.

“Furthermore, Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh, his son Faraz Shaikh and his brother Maqbool Ahmed Shaikh have private guards who are proclaimed offenders,” the report alleges.

Moreover, the report alleges, the criminals hired by Shaikh, extort money from Hindu and other businessmen in Shikarpur on monthly basis. The SSP further states in the report that the escort vehicle of the provincial minister is used to transport drugs, weapons and proclaimed offenders to desired destinations.

The report further reads that petrol pumps, hotels and other properties owned by Shaikh serve as dens of criminals hired by him.

Meanwhile, hours after the release of the report, Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh, provincial minister for energy, at a press conference held in Karachi, has refuted all sorts of allegations leveled against him in the report, and termed these a conspiracy against him and his family. He said a PPP worker could not be scared by such sorts of reports. He said the accusations were ‘baseless’ and the attempt by the police officer for cheep publicity.

“The people of Shikarpur honoured me by electing me MPA three times, and these sorts of allegations cannot damage my reputation,” he added. He also questioned significance of the report—addressed to the DIG Larkana—being circulated in mainstream and social media, even before reaching the concerned officials.

Shaikh, instead, alleged that SSP Shikarpur patronized criminals, and implicated innocent people in fake cases for his ulterior motives.

Shaikh said that not only the SSP had failed to maintain law and order in the district, he was also involved in oil theft, kidnappings for ransom, corruption, and that he was trying to save himself by releasing such sort of ‘fabricated’ report.

The minister said he would challenge the report in the court.