ISLAMABAD               -            “Driving is not just the handling of the steering wheel. It reflects the whole behaviour of the driver,” said head of Education Wing Islamabad Traffic Police Mr Rana Ishtiaq while talking exclusively with The Nation.

The official emphasised on educating the public and creating awareness among them regarding traffic and road.

According to the record of accidents shown by Ishtiaq, 205 road accidents happened in December 2019. The total number of challans issued in only 2019 in Islamabad was 839,256.

According to the traffic challan record of year 2019, 19,207 challans were issued because of mobile use by the driver while driving. Additionally, use of mobile phones is one of the major causes of accidents in the capital according to a tweet by Deputy Commissioner Islamabad.

A minor distraction of even a nano-second while driving can put someone’s life on the line.

While talking to The Nation, the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad Hamza Shafqat told that the traffic laws will be revised especially regarding the usage of cell phones while driving.

The incumbent elaborated that the laws regarding motorcyclists would also be revised and enforced strictly henceforth.

He further explained that the initiative was taken to create awareness among the public to become more careful and attentive while driving on the road.

Mobile phone use while driving has caused more than 0.9 million road accidents in last 17 years in the country, according to sources. Using cell phone while driving is one of the main causes of road accidents all over the world.

In Pakistan, as well as several other countries, it is banned to talk on cell phones while driving.

Regretfully, people are openly using their phones while driving. This is the reason that each day people are losing their lives because of traffic accidents.

Still there is no action being taken against drivers who talk on their phones.

The government must now focus on the implementation of the laws which are about to be introduced. Drivers who talk on their phones must be heavily penalised so that people’s lives can be made safer.