A toddler has miraculously survived after he drove his toy jeep into a river and then floated nearly eight miles downstream. Demetrius Jones, who turned three yesterday, let himself out of his grandmothers holiday trailer while his family slept and took his battery-operated truck down to the Peace River in British Columbia, Canada, where he was swept away by the current. The red miniature Chevrolet Silverado truck flipped over but the boy - who was only wearing a nappy and T-shirt - floated on it, along swirling waters. When his family woke up and realised he was missing police were called to help search for him, helped by friends, relatives and neighbours. The boys grandmother, Anita Newdorf, said everyone expected the worst. 'We wouldnt go near the river because I said to my son, If hes in the river, hes gone and all I could think of was, Im going to be burying my grandson, she said. - Daily Mail The Royal Canadian Mounted Police joined the hunt. But it was five men in a boat who found Demetrius, nearly three hours after he went missing. Don Loewen, a nearby town resident who was one of the men on the rescue boat, said: 'We just kept going down the river watching all the log jams and keeping our eyes out for any sign of the car or the boy. 'We spotted something that looked like some rocks or an eagle. The rocks were the black tyres of the overturned toy sticking out of the water. And what we thought was an eagle was the little boys blond head. The men manoeuvred their boat towards where Demetrius was kneeling in the upside-down, half-submerged truck. Police said the infant seemed oblivious to the danger he had faced. 'He seemed pretty excited to be dealing with the police, said Constable Jackelynn Passarell said. 'I dont think he realised the gravity of what had just occurred. 'He wasnt crying or whimpering or anything, Mr Loewen added. Demetrius was treated at a hospital for hypothermia and released. Today, the child was still unfazed by his near-death experience and asked when he could go back on his 'boat. -Daily Mail