In view of deteriorating law and order situation in DHA Lahore Cantt, the residents are obliged to keep guard dogs for security concerns. The watchmen deployed by DHA sans fire arms is an exercise in futility although charged heavily from the residents. They are powerless even to blow their whistles when confronted with armed dacoits. It has been experienced that the guard dogs are prevented from being providing with proper overhead shelter to protect them from blazing sun due to some old bye laws that did not permit providing any temporary overhead shelter in the open area on the sides of built up or covered area of house. Even if such outdated bye laws exist these should be relaxed in view of extreme security concerns in DHA area to provide shade to guard dogs. Even a retired Major General was looted in his house in DHA in our neighborhood, as he had no guard dog to warn him of the impending disaster. A dog is considered man's best friend as it keeps awake at night while the guards often sleep on duty. As such, guard dogs need better care and shelter the bye laws notwithstanding.-DR M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, via e-mail, July 6.