LAHORE - PPP (Shaheed Bhutto) Punjab President and former finance minister Dr Mubashir Hassan has called for midterm election and urged the President of Pakistan to fulfil his constitutional obligation in this regard. Addressing the press conference at his resident here on Thursday Dr Mubashir Hasan issued a statement on the behalf of Ms Ghinwa Bhutto, Chairperson PPP (SB), saying that in passing the recent budget through a unanimous vote, the National Assembly has forfeited its right to continue as the National Assembly under the Constitution. It should be dissolved and new elections held. He said through this budget, the NA has given a reprieve of Rs 2,000-2,500 billion to the rich and affluent and robs Rs 600 billion from the pocket of the poor and indigent and in doing so wantonly it violated Article 3 of the Constitution. He further said that the budget was grossly unjust for the poor and middle class. The National Assembly passed the budget in a cavalier manner after a perfunctory debate of just 9 days, excluding holidays. It provided no opportunity to the people to present their views and totally disregarded the comments in the media that the budget was unjust to the poor. The budget makes the wealthy and affluent class of Pakistan, which are only five per cent, more rich by grabbing the rights of poor/middle class of the country, he added. He said that the 2009-2010 Budget lets the wealthy get away by not paying any wealth tax including tax on their agricultural income, on their world income, gift taxes, no tax on undocumented economy and benami transactions, no tax on the evasions by Multi National Companies (MNCs) through abusive transfer pricing mechanism, no tax on money smuggled abroad by unfair and illegal means. He further said that this budget continued to permit wealthy tax evaders to whiten untaxed income through an easily available procedure by going to a money changer and getting fictitious foreign remittance in his account after paying a nominal premium of 1 to 2 percent of the entire proceeds. The total amount of reprieve afforded to the wealthy and the affluent amounts to Rs 3000 billion. He further commented that if the aforementioned taxes were levied the revenue potential for the coming fiscal year (2009-2010) would have amounted to about Rs. 3000- 4000 billion, an increase of Rs 2000- 2500 billion over what the government aims to mobilise from national resources. He said that in passing the budget the National Assembly has acted in violation of Articles 3 and 38 of the Constitution by failing to take the necessary measures to prevent the concentration of wealth in a few hands, by not providing all citizens the facilities for work and adequate livelihood and by not taking such measures which will provide them the basic necessities of life. Mubbashir said that the common people of Pakistan are under the most heavily tax net in Asia, besides, he added, people were dying of hunger in camps and elsewhere and abandoning their children at Edhi Welfare Centre which speaks volume of the govt inability to provide the relief to masses.