KARACHI - President, Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Anjum Nisar in a letter to Suleman Ghani, Federal Secretary and Ministry of Commerce has urged Government of Pakistan to sign Madrid Protocol Agreement to facilitate trade and industry. He drew the attention of Government through Ministry of Commerce towards the importance of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) which are playing vital role to attract foreign investments and boosting of exports. While advocating for IPR in Pakistan, he asserted that Pakistan must sign the MPA as it is one of the significant agreements to streamline IPR system in Pakistan. Countries who have upgraded their IPRs systems and are moving ahead with the developed countries in this field, have not only won the confidence of foreign investors but also have fetched huge amount of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs), whereas in Pakistan FDIs remained stagnant during the past many years, he added. While highlighting the importance of signing the Madrid Protocol Agreement, he expressed that after signing MPA, Pakistan would be ranked among IPRs conscious countries of the globe. Signing of this agreement will not only facilitate international business community but it will also provide an edge to our exporters as well. During the years Pakistani business community have realised the importance of IPRs and are investing to secure their brands not only in domestic but also in the international markets. He voiced that Pakistani exporters during last two decades has aggressively marketed their brands and logo Made in Pakistan which has penetrated from the east to west dimensions of the world. In order to safeguard the intellectual property rights of Pakistani businessmen and their brands worldwide, the signing of Madrid Protocol Agreement is unavoidable as we have already signed the TRIPS Agreement. Madrid Protocol Agreement provides simultaneous filing application in multiple countries of the member countries. At present the registration of a trade mark in multiple countries was time consuming and highly expensive process. He said once Madrid Protocol Agreement is signed, it will also facilitate our exporters to secure their trade marks in multiple countries which will ultimately secure goodwill of Pakistani brands aboard and alongside it will enhance our exports in those particular counties as well.