Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is a big institution. It controls the distribution of electricity and recovery of bills within the Lahore region. Its meter readers are supposed to take a physical reading of subscriber meters every month but they do not always do so. They supply fictitious reading to the department showing less consumption with the result that uncharged units pile up. In the end, when the consumption is increased in the summer season, LESCO issues bills of huge amounts for the outstanding units. The highest rate slab is, thus, charged to the consumer due to unduly large number of units shown to have been consumed in the bill. The trick in all this is that meters are installed on the electric poles in the street and the consumer himself cannot check them. Some consumers might be stealing the electricity but the LESCO is also robbing the consumers blind by charging them for the units they do not consume. WAPDA should ask the consumers to maintain meter-reading cards, which should be supplied by the LESCO staff. When the meter reader comes for taking the reading, he should call the consumer, take reading in his presence and make entry in the card maintained by him. Thus, the malaise of fictitious reading would be checked and the honest consumers saved from undue heavy payments. -MEHBOOB KHAN, Lahore, July 15.