ISLAMABAD- Though other parts of the country have taken respite from sizzling heat due to recent spell of rains, but it was another hottest day for Islamabadites that turned more oppressive with heavy loadshedding. As the Sun climbed the sky, the streets and markets became deserted in the capital with reduced traffic flow on the main artery joining twin cities. The people here in the capital kept on praying for the rainfall which contrary to the past routine has taken time to reach in Islamabad for which Met officials say that is due to the development of EL-Nino Phenomena in Pacific Ocean. The Met officials say that the countrys monsoon rainfall is likely to remain on the negative side or below normal due to EL-Nino phenomenon in Pacific Ocean. Normally the monsoon starts in the first week of July in Islamabad but this year despite the rains forecast in the second week, the third week has approached with no shower to wet the thirsty land. Met officials express apprehension that Islamabad may receive less rainfall due to El-Nino phenomena this year. The dry spell of heat has made the life of regular commuters more miserable as in this scorching heat it is a nightmare to travel in jam-packed public transport vehicles, stuffed inch by inch. The intense heat also reduced business activity in the markets particularly during noon but on the other hand the sale of hand-fans and ice was on the rise as the hand-fans are the only remedy for loadshedding-hit residents. The increase in the sale of cold drinks and so-called lemonades that are generally sold at bus stands was also observed in the city. The heavy power outages have coupled people suffering, as in the sweltering heat they were unable to take relief in their homes. Meteorological Department Thursday said that Monsoons first rain spell would reach Upper Punjab, Kashmir and Sindh on July 18. Recently many parts of Punjab including Lahore, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Sargodha have received heavy rains but Islamabad normally being the first to welcome monsoon is still waiting for blessing. For now monsoon currents have become weak but gradually these will pick up pace and the rain spell will reach the upper parts of Punjab, Sindh and Kashmir after two days. The monsoon rains in these areas will occur between July 18 to 20 said Met official.