ISLAMABAD (APP) - The International Council of Small and Medium Enterprises (ICSMEs) has commended the efforts of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) in the development of marble, gems and jewellery industries in the country. President ICSMEs, Rozmene Shariffe in a message to the Union of Small and Medium Enterprises said that SMEDA has contributed to the development of marble, gems and jewelry industries. In a statement received here on Thursday, she said that it has upgraded these industries . SMEDA should include the up gradation of precooked foodstuffs industry which is linked to agriculture and arrange for the promotion and development of items which can meet the requirements of the middle class at reasonable cost, she said. She stressed the need for the promotion of precooked food items from indigenous grains, pulses, spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits. She highlighted the scope and invited SMEDA to visit the super markets in UK to study the trend and adopt the ideas suitable for Pakistan which produces a large quantity of agricultural materials.