Karachi (PPI) - Non-governmental organization Teachers Resource Centers Talimi Basta prepared in consultation with psychologists has been proving very helpful in promoting education, particularly amongst little students of street schools and street children. During a survey on Thursday it was learnt that although several street schools are functioning in backward areas of the city, particularly in the limits of Layari, Malir, Keamari and Baldia Towns, but no remarkable development could be achieved so far to get all children of very poor parents enrolled at them. The TRC views that old conventional teaching system could not bear fruits and as a result a large number of children do not take interest in getting admission to next classes after passing primary class while a number of them used to leave school at the time when they are students of one or two class. To create interest and zeal amongst children aged three to six year for getting education and attending their classes regularly, the NGO, in consultation with psychologists and under latest research, has formulated a school bag named as 'Talimi Basta- the educational kit. The Talimi Basta contains educational training materials-20 number cards, 15 cello fan cards, 146 cut pieces of pictures, 146 color cards, 12 story books in Urdu, 11 story books in English, 35 ABC cards, 26 Alphabets cards, 10 digits cards, five picture puzzles, 10 cards of Urdu words, 10 cards of English words, 150 pearls, 75 buttons, one magnifying glass, one magnet and 76 cards showing pictures of different species of animals and plants, vegetables, fruits, vehicles and domestic articles. TCR has to bear Rs3750 to prepare a Talimi Basta. Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister Ms. Sharmila Faruqui who along with experts of TCR visited a street school located in Baghdadi, Lyari Town yesterday and distributed Talimi Basta among 30 children aged three to six year, told PPI on Thursday that Talimi Basta prepared under latest child psychology research has been proving fruitful as the learning skills improved in children who were given Talimi Basta at different schools so far. She further said that to expand the range of the project to more street schools and government and private schools, philanthropists and other NGOs would have to contribute to it as only one NGO could not distribute this costly kit among all students at street schools of the city. She recalled that she had given Talimi Busta to students at schools in Karachi Jail and Edhi Center. She was of the view that no education could be promoted until you create a zeal amongst little children aged three to seven year for learning education, which is impossible without adopting latest education learning system like that of European countries. She noted that knowledge of language, mathematics and science is base of a better education and Talimi Basta carters needs of little children in this connection.