Recently, President Obama visited Moscow. There he talked about Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, the Taliban etc. He also discussed Iran. When he talked about Iran, his every word was a bullet. The Iranians must have been emotionally injured. While talking about the world poverty, the president revealed that America was also infested with poverty. There were some poor Americans in America. Unfortunately, he did not give some details of the specific nature of the American poverty. There are various brands of poverty in the world. Let's have a look at two of these brands: the American brand and the Pakistani brand. A poor American is an American who can afford only ordinary meals, ordinary drinks, ordinary clothing, ordinary bedrooms, ordinary bathrooms, ordinary vehicles etc. In other words, he is poor because he does not own a private helicopter. He cannot afford picnicking all over the globe. He does not have a factory of his own etc. Let's now have a look at the Pakistani brand of poverty. The poor Pakistanis do not have man-made roofs over their heads. The sky is their common roof. They don't have rooms. Nor do they have beds. The streets and the footpaths are their bedrooms. They do not eat what they eat. What they eat actually eats them. Their food is medically harmful. What they eat gradually destroys them. They do not drink the water they drink. Since the water they drink is medically undrinkable, eventually the water drinks them. When invaded by a disease, a poor Pakistani dies medicinelessly. Do poor Americans die likewise? Only President Obama knows. Numerous poor children in Pakistani walk about the streets mother-naked. Do poor children in America walkout likewise? Only President Obama knows. The Pakistani poverty and the American poverty are two different species. If the two were to bump into each other accidentally, they simply wouldn't recognise each other. Strip a Pakistani of his poverty and fit him with the American poverty. He would start wildly dancing to celebrate his newly got prosperity. We are grateful to President Obama for revealing that America also has her poverty problem. But there is a colossal difference between the American poverty and the Pakistani poverty. Pakistani poverty is a hell. As compared with the Pakistani poverty, the American poverty is a paradise. Let's beg the president that he should issue us a licence for importing American poverty on a large scale. If a licence is granted, we should distribute the imported American poverty among the poor Pakistanis. The poor Pakistanis would instantaneously become affluent. Who says that science has killed magic? Some poor Pakistanis keep killing themselves because of extreme poverty. How many Americans keep killing themselves for the same reason? Only the president knows. If the American poverty were freely available to the poor Pakistanis, self-killing would flee Pakistan for good. The poor Pakistanis are a blessing for the rich Pakistanis. The poor are so poor that the rich can buy their services dirt-cheap. The population explosion is one of the causes of the poverty in the country. It is in the interest of the rich Pakistanis that the explosion should keep on growing more and more explosive. Thus a time must come when the poor Pakistanis would offer their services free of charge. The rich must be excitedly waiting for the blissful time. Pakistan is a land of two mysteries: the mystery of extreme poverty and the mystery of extreme affluence. Pakistan is infected with horrific social, political and economic problems. So long as the mysteries remain mysteries, the problems would remain problems. Unfortunately, no government has so far tried to probe into the real causes of our poverty. Instead of discovering the real causes, almost every government has restricted itself to administering temporary pain killers like charity-money and cheap bread etc. Unluckily, the pain killers have worsened the disease. Some government ought to have established a supremely powerful impartial commission for discovering the real causes of the national poverty. Unfortunately, no government did so. Such a commission might have discovered that almost every government was responsible one way or another for the national tragedy. Thus an inquiry commission was potentially a dangerous affair. Obviously, no sensible government would take such a risk. President Obama seems to believe that an American who is not as rich as a rich American is a poor American. Most of the non-white Americans and some of the white Americans are not as rich as the rich Americans. Thus according to the president's philosophy, America is infested with poverty. The poverty can be exterminated only by transmuting every non-rich American into a rich American. Would it be possible for the president to create such a machine? Let's wait and see. The writer is an academic