NEW DELHI (Agencies) India Friday rejected Pakistans contention that it was not ready to discuss all issues and asserted that all core and burning problems were deliberated upon with the aim of reducing trust deficit. Indian External Affairs Minister SM Krishna rebuffed his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mahmood Qureshi for comparing Home Secretary GK Pillai with JuD chief Hafiz Saeed, saying there was absolutely no comparison between the two. Hours after Qureshi accused the Indian delegation of carrying a limited mandate to discuss issues, Krishna said that our mandate was very clear. There was no ambiguity. As External Affairs Minister leading this delegation, I have confined myself to the mandate given to me and I am quite satisfied, he told reporters at the IGI airport here shortly on arrival from Islamabad. To a question on what were the gains of his visit, Krishna said: The very fact that I went to Islamabad and I talked about core issues in our relationship...if you consider it as a gain, I am ready to go along with it. We talked about some of the burning issues that confront the two countries. To that extent that we have contributed in a manner where the trust deficit is getting reduced as part of the confidence building measure, he said. Krishna refuted Qureshis claim that Indian delegation was not mentally prepared for the talks. I was fully prepared, he said. With regard to Mumbai attack investigations, he said that India had not insisted on any time-line but had clearly told Pakistan that unless the issue of terrorism was addressed, all other efforts will be futile. He said Pakistan had been told that terrorism was the biggest obstacle in normalising relations between the two countries. As long as this is not met, all other efforts would be futile. Hence, it is in the interest of this particular relationship, if it has to be strengthened, then positive, focused action will have to be taken by the leadership of Pakistan in tackling those perpetrators of these heinous crimes in Mumbai, he said. Asked about Qureshis comparison of Mr Pillais remarks with Saeeds anti-India speeches, the Minister shot back, where is the question of comparison between the two statements? Hafiz Saeed is a person who has been speaking out of turn against India. He has been crying for jihad against India and we have always said that such people in Pakistan who incite hostile and anti-India propaganda will not smoothen relationship, he said. Krishna rebutted Qureshis claim that he was constantly on telephone line with New Delhi during talks. Describing Qureshis statement as extraordinary, he said he was totally cut-off from India and never used the telephone. I have not spoken to anybody. The mandate given to me was so precise, so clear, that it does not need any additional instructions from Delhi, he said. But, he maintained, that even if he had used the telephone, in diplomacy it was not wrong in keeping touch with the base. Foreign Ministers are always in touch with their base, with the political leadership and governmental leadership. There is nothing wrong even if something has happened on these lines, he said. To another of Qureshis aside on lack of clear mandate to Indian delegation, he said: I am not going to score debating points with Qureshi. I would like to concentrate on serious issues. We did discuss issues that are of concern to both of us. We have made some headway. Asked whether back-channel diplomacy would be preferred in the light of stalemate in talks, he said that it was something that would have to be evaluated. I have invited Qureshi to India. I am looking forward to resuming the dialogue from where we left, he said. When referred to Qureshis insistence on time-bound approach to resolving issues, Krishna said it was not clear as to what Pakistan Foreign Minister meant by that statement. Knowing the complexity of the problems we had discussed, I do not think that it would be prudent for anybody to insist on a timeframe, he said. Krishna said talks enabled the two sides to understand each others positions. During his meetings with Pakistan leadership, Krishna said his interactions with Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani brought forth the desire on both sides to normalise relationship to bring peace and prosperity in the region. He found a similar desire during his meetings with leaders of political parties, including MQM, ANP and PML-N. He said he conveyed to interlocutors the need for effective action against terrorism directed against India.