BRUSSELS (AFP) - The 16-nation eurozone slipped back into a trade deficit with the rest of the world in May, posting a shortfall of 3.4 billion euros (4.4 billion dollars), official statistics showed on Friday. The single currency area had posted a surplus for three months in a row, thanks to a fall in the euro which boosts exports through lower prices. The trade surplus was 300 million euros in April, much lower than a previous estimate of 1.8 billion euros, the Eurostat data agency said. This followed surpluses of 1.9 billion euros in February and 3.8 billion euros in March. The May deficit was a sharp switch from a 2.2-billion-euro surplus in the same month last year. The 27-nation European Union, which includes the eurozone and 11 other countries including Britain, posted a trade deficit of 15.1 billion euros in May. This compared to a deficit of 11 billion euros in April and 7.0 billion euros in May 2009.