The role of media in the fake degree issue is once again extremely laudable. Except when professional compulsions are imposed by the money barons that own the media, or congenital ethnic linkages of the staff colours their conscience, the media men have always played a commendable role in our history. They have exposed the rampant corruption and crime of politics through out. I think it is time now to also expose the fifth columnists within the print and electronic media to save the nation from being misled by their prejudiced opinions which they express only to serve the special and specific interests of their masters. I would particularly recall here the bloodbaths of May 2007 to October 2008 when the TV anchors and media affiliated with the ruling junta of Musharraf tried their best to hoodwink the nation. They would not let a moment lost to malign the independence of judiciary. The worst bit of the press is still with the present ruling junta of MQM-PPP-ANP combine and still on to that same mission of hoodwinking the public, either due to intimidation or loyalty, without any remorse or shame. -A. KORESHI, Jhang, July 15.