ROME (AFP) - Italy reported on Friday a switch into a trade deficit in May with a deficit of 1.957 billion euros from a surplus of 1.11 billion euros at the same time last year, but exports showed a firm rise. Data from the official statistics office Istat showed a strong rise in exports in May on a 12-month comparison, but an even stronger rise in imports. Nearly all sectors of the economy showed a rise of exports. On the import, side, imports of oil products showed a rise of 57.9 percent in May on a 12-month comparison. During a period of economic recovery, restocking by businesses expecting to raise the amount of work in progress may have the effect of increasing imports. The data showed that in the first five months of the year, exports rose by 10.5 percent from the equivalent figure last year and imports rose by 16.1 percent. This resulted in a five-month trade deficit of 11.2 billion euros (14.5 billion dollars), nearly three times a deficit of 3.9 billion euros at the same time last year. In May, exports rose by 17.0 percent from the level in May last year, and imports by 31.1 percent.