LAHORE Contrary to the Lahore High Court, there is huge noise and disturbance during proceedings in the lower courts owing to the presence of a large number of litigants and their relatives besides police officials who keep on talking unchecked to the extent of pathetically marring the decorum and atmosphere of the court rooms. This scribe visited various session courts and found that atmosphere inside the court rooms was far from being called ideal for court proceedings. Though at some places board have been placed requiring the people to maintain silence, yet hardly anyone bothers to act accordingly. Neither there is any check on the entrance of the people nor anyone has been appointed specifically to keep discipline inside the court rooms. The occasional call by the presiding officer of the court to maintain silence and observe decorum however is an exception. A lawyer contesting his case is hardly audible to the person standing just beside him, and it also becomes hard for the judges sitting at some distance to hear the arguments of the counsels. The situation turns awkward as the lower staff of the courts keeps on moving inside and outside the court rooms during the proceedings, sometimes to follow any litigant or lawyer, and sometimes for their official working. Policemen who come with police files in criminal cases having whispering with the accuseds relatives also spoil the atmosphere of the courts of the lower judiciary. In addition to that, the printers operating in the courtrooms also do not lag behind in making its continuous contribution to the noise and interrupting situation inside the courtrooms. Sometimes the lawyers too make loud shout from behind to push the readers for presenting their files to the judges whether or not a lawyer on his leg has completed his arguments in his case. NA Butt advocate said revolutionary changes were required for minimising the troublesome situation inside the courtrooms. As propositions of the police are important in awarding punishments to the accused, hence the judges should listen to each and every word of the counsel and the police in pin drop silence. However, it does not mean that the judges are not attentive to the hearing yet a noise-free atmosphere can enable them better hold the proceedings. Butt says sometime the loud shout and movement inside and outside presents the scene of a complete chaos inside the courtrooms. He said silence and quietude is essential even during the cross examination, which has direct bearing with the life or death of an accused. About the printers function during the court proceedings, he said lawyers were used to the voice of the typewriters but after the 'western inventions like printers the traditional atmosphere inside the courts had changed, he further said. Being presiding officers of the courts, it is on the part of judges to allow entry inside the courts to the concerned persons only. Like Lahore High Court only the lawyers should be allowed to remain present inside the courts during the proceedings along with their clients. The rest of the people who move inside just to avoid the scorching heat should be shown the door by the presiding officers of the courts, commented M Riaz Anjum advocate. About the lawyers responsibility of maintaining discipline and decorum of the courts, Iqbal Khursheed Mughal advocate said they too should be vigilant of their duties being professionals and avoid unnecessary bickering and talk while they are in the courtrooms. They should not keep on pushing the readers inside the courts to present their cases out of turn in loud voice which they think creates good impression of their authority and ability on their clients, he said. Their proper behaviour and attitude will also contribute a lot in minimising the noise inside the courtrooms, he concluded