LAHORE Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) needs to educate the electricity consumers, domestic and commercial, over the matter of different tariffs during day and night as well as use of electricity during two different times with different tariffs to avoid further burden of charges, a Pepco official informed this scribe on condition of anonymity. DG Pepco during a press briefing some days back had said to implement new tariffs which was denied by the Managing Director Pepco a couple of days ago saying that there was no plan of imposing the new tariff over the domestic connections. According to the media reports on Friday, the electricity consumers received the electricity bills according to the new tariffs, showing different rates of electricity for day and night time use of power in the limits of LESCO. However, on contact LESCO spokesman denied the implementation of the new tariff in its limits. Pepco had also already announced the timings during which different tariff in the day and night would be charged. However, the consumers could not follow the same and use the electricity according to their needs without having any knowledge about tariff during peak hours use of electricity. Pepco sources said that it was announced that consumers would have to pay extra charges (money) for the use of power for four hours. Night tariff for four-hour from December to February is from 5pm to 9pm, from March, to May it is from 6pm to 10pm, 7pm to 11pm is applicable from June, to August, and from September to November the peak hour falls from 6pm to 10pm. The sources said that according to the orders of NEPRA the night tariff had been applicable to B-3 and B-4 category of connections since 1994 while the night tariff for only four hours on B-2 was introduced in the year 2000. Sources claimed that industry got the benefits of observing timings and regulated the power use according to the hours. This plan proved fruitful in terms of saving money and electricity for both consumers and Pepco. The Pepco provided electricity to the commercial and domestic consumers after saving it through the formula of night tariff. Sources also claimed that NEPRA also issued orders of new night tariff for the domestic and commercial connections of electricity in February, 2007 and Pepco is soon embarking on a drive to educate both commercial and domestic consumers about controlling the use of electricity so that they can avoid extra burden of charges under the new night tariff. When contacted the authority concerned of Pepco to know about implementation of new tariff and even issuing of electricity bills in the limits of LESCO, the authority denied the issuance of the bills with changed day and night tariff under any fresh decision. It said it had not received any authentic information about issuance of electricity bills according to day and night tariffs.