LAHORE - Power generation through steam turbines is one of the solutions to high cost electricity and acute power shortage. This was stated by Mian Suhail Hussain, Chief Executive Officer of a private turbine manufacturing firm while giving a presentation on power generation through steam turbine at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI). The LCCI Acting President Ijaz A. Mumtaz and former LCCI President Mian Anjum Nisar also spoke on the occasion. The LCCI Acting President Ijaz A Mumtaz said that the sole objective of the presentation was to introduce the new technologies to its members so that they could be well versed with fast changing global advancements. Mian Suhail Hussain said that there was a dire need to adopt alternate means of electricity generation in the face of worst-ever electricity crisis. He said that use of biomass or coal to generate electricity by using steam turbines and high pressure boiler is a solution to energy problem. He said that through this system the industrialists could generate cheaper energy to ensure uninterrupted power supply as it carries no transmission or distribution losses. He said that power generation with steam turbines is not only environment friendly but also curtails dependence on national grid. He said that in conventional power generation the losses are up to 65 percent while through co-generation the losses are only 10 percent. Elaborating the point, Mian Suhail Hussain said that co-generation or electricity through steam turbines does not produce electricity, it merely converts heat to electrical energy. He said that co-generation can be done in wood and agro industries food processing, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, refineries, textile, steel, cement, glass and ceramic sectors. Mian Suhail said that through back pressure turbine electricity could be produced at the rate of Rs.1.80 per unit to Rs.2.50 per unit while through condensing turbine, the rate of power produced is Rs.3.50 per unit to Rs.5 per unit. In his remarks, the LCCI former President Mian Anjum Nisar said that investment in right technology was a prerequisite to be competitive in the global market. He said that industrialists should also ensure energy audits of their respective industrial units so that they could plug the wastage of electricity. He said that this technology is the cheapest for the industries utilizing both steam and electricity for their in-house processes and its cost is recoverable in three years time. Mian Anjum Nisar said that the most encouraging factor is that biomass fuels including rice husk, corncob, wood and cotton wood are available in abundance in the province.