KARACHI - Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) women wing on Friday staged sit-in demonstration outside Karachi Press Club against the report of Higher Education Committee (HEC) for terming the degree of PPP MNA Faryal Talpur as fake. A large number of activists of PPP women wing along with Advisor to Chief Minister Sharmila Farooqui, Provincial Minister Nargis ND Khan, Member Provincial Assembly Rukhsana Shah and Rashida Panwar were participated in the protest. The protestors raised slogans and holding placards inscribed with the slogans against the HEC. They alleged that some people in the HEC were targeting the MNA, as she is the sister of President Asif Ali Zardari and an elected MNA of the PPP from Benazir Bhuttos constituency as well as PPP Women Wing Central President. The leaders termed the report of HEC as malefic. They said Faryal Talpur had several times informed the media that her degree was not fake. Meanwhile, Peoples Students Federation (PSF) Karachi also staged sit-in demonstration against HEC outside Karachi Press Club in which a large number of PSF activists, led by PSFs Karachi President Faisal Sheikh, participated. During the protest, the president of PSF Karachi, Faisal Sheikh condemned the report, and termed it as a part of defamation move against Talpur. APP adds: Speaking on the occasion, Sharmila Farooqui said that Faryal Talpur passed the MA degree from the University of Sindh in 2000 and the university has also declared it genuine. She said that a section of media had reported through false HEC sources that Faryal Talpurs degree was fake, which was absolutely wrong. She said that a section of media should mention the name of source clearly so that we could counter it. Sharmila said that Sindh University was an old and reputed institution of the country from where Faryal Talpur had completed her degree by following all rules and regulations. She termed it as a conspiracy of anti-democracy forces, which do not want to see the PPP government in power. PPP has provided full freedom to media but a section of media on the behest of anti-state elements and anti-democracy forces has launched a campaign to malign PPP leaders in a bid to gain some nefarious designs, she added. Sharmila said that a specific media section must tell us the name of sources and seek apology from Faryal Talpur. The media organisations should release news after verification and mentioning clear sources with their names, she urged. The advisor said the PPP government had provided a lot of incentives and freedom to the media organisations, so that they could adopt code of ethics and ensure transparent reporting to ensure that no one get hurt from it. She said that the PPP government under the leadership of President Asif Ali Zardari was striving hard to boost democracy, peace and development in the country so as to lead the country towards real progress. PPP MPA Shama Mithani and other women wing leaders also condemned the HEC sources and a media report that termed the degree of MNA Faryal Talpur as fake. They called for neutral reporting from media so as to stabilise democracy and peace.