Pakistan Railway (PR) has suspended services of six trains services plying between different routes in the country without any prior notice. According to details six trains services including; Chiltan Express, Taizro, Saghi Abbas express and Shalimar express have been suspended. While railway officials directed notices for immediate closure of 3-train services, while 3-other trains would be closed from July 19. While federal railway minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour said, closure of trains wouldn't affect train services as these trains were already going in loss, adding that ten other services were plying between Lahore and Karachi, therefore suspended trains would not affect the passengers. GM, Railway, Ashfaq Khattak said that 6-trains services have been suspended to meet deficit of railway and the decision has been taken owing to shortage of train-engines adding that engines of these closing trains would be utilized for cargo-trains. While passengers at different railway stations in the country talking to media said, late arrivals of trains has become routine and the government decision for closing trains will direly affect the passengers plying on local trains in the country, adding that the government without any prior notice suspended six-train services that has heightened difficulties for the commuters.