ISLAMABAD Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) is going to submit a resolution in the National Assembly Secretariat on Saturday (today) against Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi (today), alleging that he has failed to articulate Pakistans principled stance on Kashmir during the Pak-India FM-level talks in Islamabad. This House resolves that Pakistans Foreign Minister in his talks with his Indian counterpart in Islamabad on July 15, 2010 has failed to articulate Pakistans principled position on Kashmir being the core dispute requiring immediate resolution, states the resolution. The resolution further stated that Qureshi had legitimised Omar Farooqs government in IHK during the press conference by calling it an elected government, thereby impacting negatively Kashmiris struggle in Indian Occupied Kashmir. The Foreign Minister presented Kashmiris struggle only in the context of human rights - that too in an unconvincing manner - and failed to draw attention towards the relevant UN resolutions, territorial context and water security linked to it, the resolution maintained. Expressing concerns, it stated that the FM had also failed to present Pakistans objections to Indias violation of Indus Water Treaty and the water issue in the context of Kashmir. Moreover, the FM could not present the fact sheet/evidence of Indian involvement in destabilisation of Balochistan and FATA. The PML-Q legislators have also pointed out that Qureshi has not only failed to seek an apology for the unwarranted attack on ISI on the eve of the dialogue by high official of the Indian government, but also failed to challenge the Indians claims regarding increased infiltration along the LOC. The FM did not clarify Pakistans justified role in Afghanistan and the continued anti-Pakistan activities of the Indians in Afghanistan, and also allowed India to characterise the peace dialogue in the framework of terrorism, the resolution stated. The PML-Q MNAs have said in the resolution that the Foreign Minister allowed the dialogue to be terrorism-centric, while it should be Kashmir or water-centric. The FM ignored the fact that the interior minister-level meetings, a week ago, has already dealt with terrorism and thus unnecessarily gave India space to portray terrorism as the core issue of the meeting. MNAs Marvi Memon, Amir Muqam, Humayun Saifullah and Farzana Mushtaq will submit this resolution.