LAHORE The Opposition at the Punjab Assembly on Friday staged a token boycott of the house to register its protest and condemn insulting remarks hurled by the Treasury benches generally and especially on Thursday last. The Q-Leagues actual protest seems to have been against PPPs Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmed, who uttered explicit slanderous expressions while talking about the opening of the Chashma-Jhelum Link Canal. Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal expunged his unjustifiable comments immediately, but it certainly irked the Opposition. Secondly, it is almost a routine with the Treasury benches that whenever it is on the verge of losing a debate, the oft-repeated clichs about PML-Qs association with former President General (r) Pervez Musharraf are spelled out, not only by the members, rather ministers and top leaders, both from the PML-N and PPP, join them in articulating 'dictums about Dictator. This has been a routine since the present dispensation reached the Assembly, and even today it is as fresh a subject as if the General is still sitting in the Presidency, and supporting the Q-Leaguers. Many a time, the Opposition has 'asked the Treasury to move ahead and resolve the issues instead of reminiscing the past, but the Treasury uses it as a whip, and annoy the Opposition, which has repeatedly boycotted proceedings, but things seems to be not working for once-upon-a-time Quislings. The Speaker on many occasions expunged all the unparliamentary remarks and asked the members to act in a decent manner to each other besides advising them not to utter such expressions, which could annoy the Opposition, but it seems to falling on deaf ears so far. On Friday, Oppositions Muhammad Mohsin Khan Leghari opined that the remarks against members reflect unparliamentary attitude and the MPAs must refrain from hurting other members. Dr Samia Amjad, while pointing out that the Opposition would be going token boycott, observed that usage of unparliamentary words was a routine. Another Opposition member Ch Sher Ali came to the support of his coterie, while advising that such a language should not be used. However, Treasurys Arifa Khalid Pervaiz pointed out that the precious time of the House was being wasted by the members. Nevertheless, though the Speaker tried to stop the members, the Opposition boycotted the proceedings and came back after some time. Oppositions Samina Khawar Hayyat in order to express her displeasure over the membership suspension of Ch Aamir Sultan Cheema on June 9 since the latter created mess at Speakers desk, boycotted the proceedings, but also came back when Speaker sent two females members to bring her back upon Speakers instructions. Later, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan recounted the committee proceedings carried out during various meetings held to sort out the issues of the PCS officers. He showed his willingness and hoped that the matters would be resolved. Upon this, the Speaker asked the PCS officers to wait for the outcome of the meetings. After this, if the officers would not feel satisfied, then they can use their right of protest, he said. Earlier, the proceedings of the house started after one hour and 25 minutes late than the scheduled time, and Question-Hour about Social Welfare and Women Development Department was carried out. Minister Minorities Kamran Michael gave replies to members questions. Later, the House debated the Women University Multan Bill-2010. The house rejected three amendments proposed by the Opposition through majority of vote. Leader of the Opposition Ch Zaheer-ud-Din Khan, Muhammad Yar Hiraj, Ch Aamir Sultan Cheema, Muhammad Mohsin Khan Leghari, Muhammad Abbas Chaudhary, Ch Sher Ali Khan and others were included among the members, who proposed amendments in the bill. Because of the time shortage, the rest of the amendments were picked up, which will be done so on June 19 (Monday) when the Assembly will meet again at 3pm.