KARACHI - The nursing student, who was allegedly raped by the medicolegal officer Dr Jabbar Memon, has temporarily lost her memory about the tragic incident, while she gained her senses on Friday after the three days of medical treatment at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC). After recovering from coma, the victim has recognised her family members but has lost her memory about the tragic incident, confirmed by the Head of the JPMC Neurology Department, Dr Sattar Hashim, after having a meeting with the victim on Friday. However, the whole case is depending on the victims statement. It is pertinent to mention here that MLO Dr Jabbar Memon, living in Mess No 96 of JPMC Doctors Colony, had booked in case of alleged rape and murder attempt at a nursing student. On the other hand, a medical report, issued from Chemical Examination Laboratory of Provincial Health Department has confirmed the rape of the 22-year-old nursing student. A lady MLO Dr Farida Mubeen has conducted the initial medical checkup of the victim. The lady MLO sent two samples of victim nurse including victims trousers for medical examination. The medical examiners also found sperms from the dress of the victim. Conversely, responding to the inhuman act, score of nurses have resolved that they will continue their peaceful strike against the brutality of the accused MLO, who has no good service record. The accused has been suspended six or seven times during his tenure. He used to take liquor during his duty hours and he was drunk when he perpetrated this inhuman act. On the other hand, Sindh Health Department has started probing into the case and complaints against Dr Jabbar Memon. Conversely, Advisors to Chief Minister Sindh Sharmila Farooqi and Waqar Mehdi have said that the government will provide all support and justice to the victim nurse student.