Poor folks from the middle class, whether in government-semi or private service saves every possible penny to build a house or buy a flat. It most of the time happens when he/she is about to retire. By this time the cost of construction material etc has gone up thousands of percent. This has again happened this year with the budget 2013-2014.But the tragedy is that on my ten marla modest house assisted by my family members to build, I find that for its registration, it will cost me further by 450,000 rupees which seems impossible for me to raise, when I have retired and pay back my loans etc. I would urge Chief Minister, Punjab who increased CVT from RS 10/ per sq ft to RS 100per sq ft to revert it to RS 10/per sq ft for its registration, for those who own just one house or flat. I hope the Chief Minister will show kindness for the honest and retired poor persons.


Lahore, July 5.