Malala rose to the podium of UN youth general Assembly to address the world leaders, women and children. Her massage was replete with courage; she said that the fear gave way to strength. That she speaks for the rights to education for all children, including the children of Taliban, who attacked her and her friends says a lot about her character and generosity. She spoke on education, child labour, child marriages and world conflict affecting children and women the most.It was evident from her confidence and standing ovation she received from the international forum that she has turned the tragedy of attack into opportunity. She has created conducive environment for education for less privileged children of her area in particular and her motherland in general. She has mustered international support. Now it is up to the government of the day and civil society organisations in Pakistan to take full advantage from this opportunity by providing education to the millions deprived. On this occasion, I along with a group of my friends went to the Kachho area, a remote and backward area, situated in the west of Sindh to celebrate the Malala Day with four youth groups who are working for the education of out of the school children and youths in their area. The youth running the coaching centre said that after the Malala incident got additional inspiration from this courageous sister and they would continue the mission. We know that huge amount of funds, meant for education are wasted, but no government official or civil society organisation has taken trouble to reach out to these heroes of education movement working in isolation to make the dream come true for them. The criminal inaction by formal education system in Pakistan has resulted in a mushrooming growth of Madaras. According to recent survey by the Sindh Home Ministry, there are 12,545 Madrasas in Sindh province with 120,000 to 150,000 students. 2,161 of these are sectarian. At least 8,191 out of them opened after 9/11. 67 percent of the Madaras are owned by outsiders. We need to do something about this dismal education scenario. Since all the evils germinate in the mind it is the education that can forestall the growth of evil tendencies. GULSHER PANHWER,Johi, July 14.