LAHORE - Jamaat e Islami Secretary General Liaquat Baloch has said that worsening energy crisis, price hike, lawlessness and bad governance are destined to lead to the early departure of the Nawaz Sharif regime.
Addressing an Iftar party on Wednesday, he said an elected government had the right to complete its term but the rulers themselves were inviting their early doom because of their misdeeds.  He said the masses were being driven into abject poverty, hunger and hardships whereas the Model Town tragedy and the false claims regarding the Nandipur power project could bring the quick downfall of the government.
He said practically Nawaz Sharif government did not have any priorities or clear line of action on foreign, domestic and even economic fronts.  He said a real change was not possible in the prevailing election system which was full of weaknesses.
The sale of party tickets to candidates, absence of elections within the parties, change of parties by the so-called electables, besides the persistent interference by the civil and military establishment were part of the election system, he added. 
If the parties issued tickets to thugs, plunderers and land grabbers, how can the Constitution be implemented, he asked. 
The JI Secretary General deplored that Karachi the economic life line of the country, was affected by lawlessness while the targeted operation had been made meaningless. Meanwhile, Jamaat e Islami Sirajul Haq has strongly condemned the drone attack at Detta Khel resulting in several deaths.
In a statement here on Wednesday, he called upon the government to explain its position if the drone attacks were not being made with its consent.  
He prayed for the departed souls and for the quick recovery of the injured persons.