LAHORE: PML-Q chief, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has said that PML-N govt should not involve the Army for achieving its political goals by planning a parade at D-Chowk on August 14th.
He said that apparently the government plans for August 14 were bids to pressurise the Opposition parties for withdrawing their call against the rulers.
In a Press statement issued on Wednesday, Shujaat said that August 14 was a national day and all parties should observe and maintain its sanctity. –Staff Reporter
He said that historically the Army parade was always held on March 23 but this had been discontinued for quite sometime.
Shujaat said that August 14 ceremony was previously held in the President’s House and then outside the Parliament.
PML-Q chief said that during his tenure as Prime Minister he shifted the August 14 function to Convention Centre.
He said that the rulers in an effort to handle a political issue planning to use the August 14 event by involving the Armed Forces.