RAWALPINDI - A 22-year-old female student of Pir Mehar Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University (PMAS-AAUR) was gunned down allegedly by her 25-year-old husband, who is also a student in COMSAT university, apparently due to some domestic here Wednesday.
Both had contracted their court marriage some four years ago and kept it secret from their parents.
The deceased female student was identified as Saira Navid while the accused killer as Shohaib Ismail.
According to some students, who were witnesses of the tragedy, Saira, the student of BS Computer Sciences, had completed her eighth semesters on Wednesday came to the IT Department, located near Rawalpindi Stadium, for submitting her final project/thesis.
On return, a young boy, who was standing outside the building, opened indiscriminate fires at her killing her on the spot.
“Threes bullet have hit into the head of Saira,” a female student , who was standing a few yards away from the deceased, told The Nation.
After committing the crime, the accused killer did not try to flee rather kept standing there and students overpowered him besides thrashing him.
Meanwhile, the university management and security guards arrived and took the killer into their custody and escorted him to Administrative Block.
“She is my wife . She cheated me and I killed her. Inform her parents about her death and ask them to take her dead body,” a male student quoted Shohaib, the killer, as saying.
A source revealed that an SMS sent by unknown sender on the cell of Saira became the bone of contention between the couple.
After hearing the news of death, two brothers of Saira reached the spot and started making hue and cry and searching for the killer. However, security guards bought them to the IT Department and soothed them. “My sister did not get marry any body,” one of the Saira’s brothers told the media.
In the meanwhile, local police reached the campus and the university management handed over the accused to them.
Rescue 1122 shifted the dead body to Holy Family Hospital (HFH). 
Meanwhile, the accused who was shifted to New Town police station, produced their marriage certificate.
SP Rawal Division Karamat Ullah Malik, when contacted, said, “Husband has killed his wife over domestic dispute”.
He said that police were investigating the case and it would be premature to say anything.
Another police source revealed that Saira did court marriage with Shohaib four years ago and kept secret this from her parents.
“I tried my best to make her stop cheating him but she didn’t pay any heed to it, forcing me to take this extreme step,” the source quoted Shohaib as having told the police.
He said that later Saira told her parents about the marriage on which the parents reportedly threatened to sever their relationship with her if she shifted to her husband’s house. Keeping in view her parents’ resistance, Saira refused to shift to Shohaib’s home.
The parents of Saira, however, avoided to talke with the media.
PMAS-AAUR Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof Dr Rai Niaz Ahmed and spokesman could not be approached for their comments on the issue. Till the fling of this report, doctors were conducting postmortem of the deceased.
The police have registered a murder case.
A large number of residents including women of Dhamial, Hayyal, Bank Colony and Bunda Nagyal held deputy manager operations (XEN) Tariqabad division and line superintendent hostage in their offices during a protest on Wednesday against installation of faulty transformer in the areas that caused long disruption of power supply.
The XEN in a bid to save his skin and get rid of the blizzard bowed before the protestors saying, “I am not ready to serve here and told thrice to my SE to accept my resignation but was refused. Tariqabad division is full of problems which I have failed to resolve”.
Many protesters got annoyed on line superintendent over his statement, “Don’t protest here; rather go and die on the road.”
According to details, more than 70 people of Dhamial, Hayyal, Bank Colony and Bunda Nagyal, who have been suffering intense power breakdown owing to faulty transformer, gathered at XEN Tariqabad division office at Bakra Mandi and staged a protest demonstration. They chanted slogans against government and WAPDA officials. When no body from WAPDA paid heed to protestors, they stormed into office of XEN and made DMO Nadim Sadiq Malik and LS Dilshad hostage and asked them to remove faulty 50-KV transformer immediately and replace it with 100-KV to meet the load.
The XEN/DMO refused to do so, which made some protestors annoyed and they exchanged harsh words with him. A statement of LS Dilshad that go and die on the roads instead of protesting here proved fuel on the fire as three protestors grabbed the LS. However, others moved forward and cool downed the protestors.
Later, the DMO made a phone call to SE and requested him to ask higher authorities to allow WAPDA officials to install a 100-KV transformer in the areas. The SE ordered XEN to install new transformer which was installed at 4:00pm.
Ijaz, Asia Bibi, Fauzia Safdar, Abdul Sattar and many other protestors told The Nation that they have been suffering power breakdown for the last four days owing to faulty transformer and have lodged several complaints with XEN but in vain.