An Indian spy drone has been shot down by Pakistani military forces along the Line of Control in Bhimber, Azad Kashmir. Targeted by Pakistani forces for “violation of Pakistan’s territorial integrity”, a protest has been lodged with the Indian High Commissioner, who has been summoned to the Foreign office. The Indian media is in turn accusing Pakistan for violating the ceasefire by firing at Border Security Forces outposts in RS Pura and also at the LoC in the Shahpur sector of Poonch district. These incidents comes just days after a meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif in Russia.

Whether India cares to admit it or not, Kashmir is the main point of contention, where despite a UN-monitored de facto separation between the two countries; both claim the territory in its entirety. However, the estranged leaders of the two countries have made an attempt to revive a stalled dialogue process. The process has been dubbed by our Prime Minister’s spokesperson as a ‘victory for Pakistan’, with Indian papers echoing the same euphoria.

Both countries have taken this ambition further by reviving the Track II dialogue. Perhaps it is time that Nawaz Sharif listens to his opposition that have called the recent talks with India “one-sided appeasement”. Pakistan always draws the short straw. India is silent on the Kashmir issue and Indian involvement in Balochistan, but has a strong focus on a “fast track” for investigations regarding its accusations against Pakistan supporting terrorism. It is a country for whom a Pakistani pigeon created an international ruckus. Looking at Indian violations of airspace and frequent exchange of fire at the border, the shaking of the hands of the two leaders for signalling a symbolic ceasefire truly means nothing. It is an act, a smokescreen, a delaying tactic- India will not talk Kashmir, nor will it stop being aggressive at the border.