It is the responsibility of the state to provide food, clothing, housing, education and medical relief to its subjects, irrespective of any prejudice article 38 of the constitution of Pakistan reads. However, a look at the state administration, by the government seems otherwise, as if this article has been substituted with the construction of metro-buses. Government has failed in providing any relief to the public.

Unemployment is sky high, inflation is on the increase, energy crisis is making Ramzan difficult and there are many issues that can be listed which are creating frustration among the people. Due to no support on any level from the government the common poor person is forced to commit crime for even basic necessities of life. Where is the state? Where is government? Did we not name this Islamic Republic of Pakistan, so where is Islamic governance which provides for the poor and needy. This was not named Metro Republic of Pakistan!

Has government been mandated only to construct expensive bus routes? Has the government been mandated to do only that work which will do nothing to improving the poor man’s life or give his children education or any kind of health facility? Is government allowed to suspend Article 38 of the constitution, which asks it to work for the prosperity of the public not for them to make structures to be remembered by? Our public has to realise that their rights have been snatched by the corrupt politicians who should not be allowed to rule any longer and they need to bring in better people who care for the poor of this country and are patriotic and loyal citizens with undivided loyalty..


Lahore, July 13.