MULTAN -The Punjab Seed Council (PSC) approved 24 new varieties of different crops on Saturday. The council convened here with Punjab Minister for Agriculture Dr Farrukh Javed in the chair approved seven new varieties of wheat, one non-BT cotton, three rice, one corn, two maze, three tomatoes, two potatoes and some other.

Speaking on the occasion, the minister said that the new varieties were weather and pest resistant which would give high yield with low water consumption. He declared that more varieties would be introduced under Chief Minister’s Rs. 100 billion agri package as measures were being adopted to promote the seed industry and boost cotton per acre cotton yield.

He claimed that the early cotton crop had come into market and the farmers were getting over Rs3,000 per maund. He congratulated agricultural scientists for introducing new varieties.

He said that the research of scientists would only be beneficial if it directly benefited the farmers in terms of high yield. He said that it was high time that we established our agriculture in view of changing weather conditions. “Only powerful seeds, which resist harsh weather conditions, are guarantee to our agricultural self reliance,” he asserted.