Here is an example of one bad judgement from a Judge that ruins the lives of hundreds of Pakistanis. In the previous government (2008-2013) a provincial minister had illegally taken over a public park for his own private use. The park was called “Ladies Club Park” of the University Town area Peshawar, which was created with the cost of the local residents of University town and was being used regularly by the resident women and children.

The Minister initiated a “Sports Complex” project for the park but instead used the government funds to construct two restaurants, a small cottage and some rooms, which were given away to private companies, while the income was pocketed by the cronies of the Minister. The residents of University Town, initiated a court case against this illegal occupation and use of their park, but the proceeding Judge ensured that the people do not get justice during the tenure of the previous government.

The Judge delayed the case hearing, than in a unethical twist, the Judge concluded that the occupation of the park was linked to the usage of residential houses in University town for commercial activities. And in a typical move, a few weeks before his promotion to Supreme courts, the judge passed the judgement that the illegal occupation of the Ladies Park will only be completed once the huge task of removing commercial offices from residential homes in University Town is completed and in this instance he declared all commercial activities in University Town illegal (Keeping in mind that the case is about illegal occupation of park and corruption in government funds).

This judgement was passed by the judge to give extra time to the illegal occupants of the park. But this judgement created problems for hundreds of Pakistanis because using this judgement the authorities started closing down two children hospitals, 70 schools/colleges, 25 student hostels, 40 guest houses and many government and private offices in University Town. And since there was no commercial areas available in Peshawar, these businesses could not move away from University Town. This way students were losing their education time, offices were losing productivity, many workers were kicked out of jobs and new businesses had to close down and lose their investments.

Although the judge that passed this judgement, had been promoted to the Supreme court, his judgement was so wrong that eventually a special team of judges from Islamabad had to visit University Town and pass a judgement to rescind the earlier judgement of banning commercial activities and some time was given to resolve all confusions.

Unfortunately the mixed judgements has created more confusion and doubt among the government offices, with some claiming that commercial activities are banned, while others are claiming that since Peshawar does not have any developed commercial areas, where the businesses from University Town can move to, such commercial activities are therefore allowed.

The senior judge is enjoying high status in the Supreme court, while the people seeking justice from him are suffering. Dear Chief Justice of Pakistan, please tell me how is this justice?


Peshawar, June 17.