Lahore - Turkey is leading Muslim countries, and many of them give her significant importance. The coup plot was being knitted against Ardogan quit a long period ago and there is a perception that CIA is behind that ugly episode. But defiant Turkish people failed that attempted coup plot.

These were the views expressed by speakers at a Waqt TV programme Insight hosted by The Nation Editor Salim Bokhari on Saturday. The programme was attended by senior defence analyst Let-Gen (r) Ghulam Mustafa, former ambassador Javed Hussain and senior analyst Salman Ghani.

Speaking in the programme, let-Gen Ghulam Mustafa said General Musharraf is castigated by many people. Politicians try to prove his every step wrong, but the LB system he gave to people was admirable. The present government is unable to transfer powers to elected local body representatives. This attitude of the democratic government is worse than a dictator. “Our rulers are filing their pockets. They are in habit of insulting masses. Erdogan gave respect to his people, gave them their due rights, so people came out on streets to save the democracy,” he maintained.

Speaking on the occasion, Javed Hussain said after Kamal Ata Turk, if anyone else was given respect in Turkey, it was Erdogan. The West had so many differences with Erdogan. The part of Turkish army who attempted coup had secular ideology. These were Turks who refused to support any unconstitutional step and told the world that they will not become part of any conspiracy. This funded coup will yield terrible results, he was of the view.

Analyst Salman Gahni said, “Our rulers must keep it minds that Turkish government delivered, so the people refused to support any step against government. They made their governance better and with their tireless efforts they solved problems of the people.” He said Turkish currency was going up against dollar. Salman said Turkey got rid of foreign debts. The rulers constructed the edifice of LB system on strong footings.

“Our rulers, besides adopting Turkish model, must also mend their ways and treading on the path of Turkish rulers, serve their people,” he was of the opinion.

Mian Imran Abbas