International Justice Day is celebrated across the globe on July 17, 2016 as part of an effort to recognise the emerging system of international criminal justice. The day is also referred to as Day of International Criminal Justice or World Day for International Justice. July 17 was chosen because it is the anniversary of the adoption of the Rome Statute, the treaty that created the International Criminal Court (ICC). 

But what is the state of dispensation of justice in this country of ours? It is indeed, painful. Injustice is everywhere. Increasing extreme poverty, lawlessness, organised crime, fiscal crime, loot and plunder of the state resources, broad daylight robberies establish the fact that there is no justice, in any form, in this country. Had there been justice in our society, the kidnappers would not have dared to kidnap the son of sitting Chief Justice of High Court and killed spiritual music maestro, among others. Had there been justice in this society in the presence of alarming joblessness in the society , the retired after their retirement would not have been hired time and again and they would not have enjoyed pension and salary along with other perks and privileges at the same time? Had there been justice in the proverbial dead woods, the dead stock and contractual people would not have kept the regular employees deprived of their rights such as timely promotion, medical facility, pension, etc.? 

Had there been justice in this society, those who are involved in economic crime, including Panama Paper Leaks, would have been behind the bars but who cares in this unbalanced, unjust, unfair and inhuman society. There is no reality check for the disrespectful ruling elites, bureaucrats, technocrats to get them to see what they are really doing with the society and the state by promoting lawlessness and injustice. 

It is a painful reality that our rulers and lawmakers are not honest and sincere about the importance of administration of justice system. The ruling elites and the concerned players have yet to make justice visible in this country. Like many others, I don’t know when justice will be done in this country because with every passing day we find more injustice and less justice and that also exceedingly difficult in our Pakistani society. 

People and key players of the system in the civilised and democratic societies always learn by celebrating such momentous days and enhance their efficiency and effectiveness but like many others I don’t feel optimistic that we will ever try to learn even from this International Justice Day being celebrated today. 


Islamabad, July 16.