SIALKOT-Federal Minister for Law and Climate Change Zahid Hamid has said that Pakistan is taking up the brutal killings of innocent Kashmiris by Indian army in Held Kashmir at international forums effectively, urging the world to use its full influence for halting the mounting Indian atrocities there.

Taking to the chairmen, vice chairmen and councilors of Pasrur tehsil’s union councils at his political Dera in Pasrur city, he said that Pakistan has strongly condemned the mounting and uncontrolled larger scale human rights violations, brutal killings and genocide of the innocent Kashmiri people by Occupant Indian army in the Held Valley. He said that the nasty situation was enough to shake the conscience of the World.

The federal minister asked the UC chairmen, vice chairmen and councilors to ustilise their full energies for the victory of the PML-N in July 21,2016 AJK general elections, saying that the day of July 21 will hear the news of big victory of PML-N in AJK polls.

Zahid Hamid said that PML-N will win the AJK polls with the majority of votes and heavy mandate to be given to the PML-N by the Kashmiri people. He said that only the PML-N has the capability to get the Kashmiri people rid of corrupt rulers in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

Zahidn Hamid said that the plebiscite is the basic right of the Kashmiri people, adding that the sun of freedom of Kashmir will rise soon and the oppressed people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir will soon get freedom from Indian yoke.

CLEANLINESS: Meanwhile, Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Sialkot has started the cleanliness of Naullah Bhed in Sialkot by deputing heavy machinery there to remove the self-grown larger scale herbaceous from there.

TMA Sialkot started this cleanliness on emergency grounds after a week-long deadline given to it by Commissioner Gujranwala Division Capt (Rtd) Muhammad Asif for the cleanliness of Naullah Bhed to save the Sialkot city from flooding, as the Sialkot city had experienced during the 2014 flash floods.

Sialkot District Coordination Officer (DCO) Dr. Asif Tufail, ADCG Sialkot Dr. Umer Sher Chatta and senior officials of Sialkot TMA are round-the-clock monitoring this cleanliness process there.

As the monsoon season has begun and the flood season is on, the Sialkot Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) has started only the cleanliness and removing the herbaceous from Naullah Bhed to ensure the smooth flow of flood water.

Naullah Bhed had not been cleaned, desilted and lying chowked at various at various places in several congested residential, commercial and industrial areas of both Sialkot city and Sialkot Cantt for the last three consecutive years , due to which Sialkot city was flooded in 2014.

According to the local social, business and political circles, the early cleanliness and de-silting of this Naullah Bhed was direly needed to save the Sialkot city from recurring flood threats and disasters, as the Sialkot city had experienced in 2014 flash floods.