LAHORE - Afghan President Ashraf Ghani rang up Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif yesterday and confirmed the death of Umar Khurasani (commonly known as Umar Naray), the TTP’s mastermind of attack on Army Public School Peshawar on December 16, 2014.

The Afghan president inquired after health of Nawaz Sharif and informed him that Khurasani had been killed along with his four associates (in a drone attack in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan on July 12 last). Ghani said the APS massacre was a shocking incident that had jolted not only Pakistan but the whole world. Now the perpetrators of this gory incident have met the logical end, he told the premier.

The prime minister thanked the Afghan president on the elimination of TTP terrorists from Afghan soil, responsible for the APS tragedy. He said that Pakistan was fighting against terrorism and was fully committed to eliminating the last terrorist from its soil.

Prime Minister Sharif said terrorism was a common threat to Pakistan and Afghanistan and they needed to closely coordinate with each other to root out this scourge for good. The prime minister said he would personally lead the drive to completely eliminate this evil on the soil of Pakistan. He said Pakistan was fully determined to wipe off every terrorist. Sharif highly praised the sacrifices rendered by Pakistan army and security apparatus of the country while countering terrorism and laid stress on improving coordination and liaison between Pakistan and Afghanistan to meet the threats of this common evil.