MUZAFFARABAD - Pakistan People s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that the people of Azad Kashmir shall make decision regarding their future in the next four days in the upcoming elections.

Addressing a public gathering here on Saturday, he said the people of Kashmir never bowed down before tyrants and the Kashmiris’ passion to achieve freedom has not lessened. He said the opposition parties do not have any policy regarding Kashmir.

"How many times Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif brought up the issue of Kashmir during past three years," enquired Bilawal. He said the prime minister pays emphasis upon maintaining ties with Modi government instead of working upon the foreign policy .

Bilawal said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) was not qualified for working on the country s foreign policy .

He said the government has failed in every department. He stated that PPP initiated a number of mega-projects in the country when it was in power and enquired "what did this government do instead of working on Metro Bus Project?"

The PPP chairman said that Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar accepted that the targets set for the agriculture sector were not met. He stated that the exports of the country reduced by 13 percent. He further stated that PPP believed in working for the people’s welfare, not in spending funds on one city only.

Bilawal said false allegations were levelled against PPP during its tenures. He stated that Prime Minister Sharif was not a leader but was a businessman instead. "When the nation held you (PM Nawaz) accountable, you got ill. What are you hiding?" enquired Bilawal from PM Nawaz.

He said that if the country was developing then why was there so much poverty, adding that the leaders do not want investigation to be carried out over Panama leaks issue. He stated that the policy of making commissions and telling lies has pushed the people to the wall.

Bilawal said the purpose of all projects of the government revolved around looting the people. He said poverty in Sindh was the least as compared to that in other provinces of the country.


Staff Reporter from Islamabad adds: Chairman Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has condemned the attempted coup in Turkey and expressed the hope that Turkey will come out as a stronger democracy and stronger nation after quashing the coup.

The people of Turkey deserve to be complimented for coming out into the streets and face military tanks and artillery with bare hands to force the coup makers run, he said in a statement yesterday.

 The people of Pakistan in general and the PPP in particular are aware of the disastrous consequences of ‘bonapartes’ staging military coups, he said. “History has taught us how the disbanding democratic governments through coups have resulted in destruction of the state institutions and undermining of social and political fabric thereby pushing the country back by decades. No one knows it better than the people of Pakistan whose ethos is democratic,” Bilawal said.

“Democratic forces anywhere therefore would celebrate the triumph of democracy and the defeat of coup makers in Turkey,” he said.

The Turkish opposition parties also deserve to be complimented for standing up to defend democracy despite serious policy differences with the government and despite being the victim of these policies, said Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. “President Erdogon’s courageous leadership during the crisis is also most commendable”, he said.

 “It is also our hope that the failed coup in Turkey will lend new found strength to the Turkish people and its institutions,” the PPP Chairman said. “If there is any silver lining in the attempted coup in Turkey it is that it will lend new strength to democracy-loving forces anywhere in the world and make the potential coup makers think twice before attempting adventurism,” the PPP Chairman said.