MIRPUR (AJK)-PPP’s candidate from LA-III Mirpur constituency Ch Ashraf announced on Saturday to boycott the July-21 general elections in AJK as a protest against the allegedly hostile, negative, hypocritical and insincere behaviour of the AJK prime minister towards him and his electioneering.

PM Ch Abdul Majeed is also PPP AJK president as well as the party. Ch Ashraf, also Special Assistant to the AJK Prime Minister and former city mayor, announced to boycott the AJK Legislative Assembly Elections while addressing a press conference at his Central Political Office here Saturday afternoon. He was flanked by his party’s local associates including former city administrator Khawaja Sajid Mahmood, Ch Waqas Ashraf, Asif Mir, Zaka Joshi, Tariq Hamza, Mirza Rashed, Chaudhry Sawaria and Usmaan Munir Advocate.

Ashraf made it clear that he has boycotted contesting the elections, but have not left the party. “I have informed the party’s top brass by taking them into confidence prior to his decision to boycott the polls. He said that he had informed Chairman Bililawal Bhutto Zardari and In charge for the party’s AJK affairs Farayaal Talpur about his decision to boycott contesting the polls as a protest against the continued negative and hostile attitude of Prime Minister Abdul Majeed right from the first day of the party’s top leadership granted the party mandate to him to jump in the elections arena as its candidate. He added that the party’s top leadership raised no any objection over his decision of leaving the ground of the elections fight.

Lambasting Ch Abdul Majeed, the Ch Ashraf branded the former of the hidden enemy No. 1 of both the party (PPP) and his person as well as the enemy of Mirpur city constituency.

Ashraf declared that the high gravity of the hypocrisy and insincerity of Majeed could be assessed through the fact that he was confined only to his person and he was not single person sincere to the party’s fold and ranks.

Ashraf continued that although he was granted the party ticket in the bye elections in the same Mirpur city constituency LA-III held last year, the Prime Minister was hatching conspiracies against him and the party’s (PPP) interests because of, what he called, his traditional hypocritical role during the by bye-polls and which led to his defeat in the elections.

He recalled that Majeed’s role caused falling of his vote bank to 11 thousand as compared to 17 thousand he (Ashraf) had secured in the previous AJK General Elections held in 2011 from the same constituency.

Ashraf further accused Ch Majeed of launching a hidden election campaign for the PML-N candidate from Mirpur city constituency in the elections instead of supporting and encouraging his electioneering.

Responding to the volley of questions by the media, Ch. Ashraf asserted that his election campaign was touching sky high because of his experience in several of past elections in the same constituency, but the continued and increased hostility of the party’s president compelled him to leave the ground. “My voters are now left at liberty to vote the candidate who so ever they choice to vote for in the scheduled July 21 elections,” he said.