It is not wrong to say that killing someone in cold blood is murder that merits a lengthy jail imprisonment and not forgiveness. Honor killing in our culture is leaving a big impact on our nation but no one is ready to take any action to solve the issue. 

According to Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), during the last two years the victims of “Honor Killing” were almost 1300 and news further disclosed that the “Honor Killing” of girls and women in Pakistan has increased 15%. 

“Aurat Foundation” claimed that family members across the society killed around 1000 girls on an annual basis in the name of honor. 

Recently, another case was reported in Multan in which a famous girl called Qandeel Baloch or Fauzia Azeem was strangled by her brother in the name of honor killing. 

Let us note that the PM previously mentioned that the killers of women in the name of “honour” will not go without punishment. But no such steps are being taken by government nor the concerned authorities to stop this act forever in country. 

I request the government and concerned authorities to take a serious step to stop this cruel act in Pakistan. 


Turbat, July 16.