LOS ANGELES-Steven Spielberg follows his gut instinct when it comes to movie-making.

The award-winning director has revealed he sticks to his intuition when he reads film scripts and then decides if he is interested in the project.

He explained: ‘’It’s not like I’m always being whispered at. It comes when I least expect it. I mainly listen to see if there’s anything urging me forward when I meet a book or a script.

‘’I have a strong gut feeling about what I’ve just read. It takes a very, very, very quiet, tiny whisper to get me to say, ‘This one is for me. I’m not going to give this away and produce it through my company. I’m taking this for myself.’’’

Steven revealed that as well as making movies for a worldwide audience, he also relishes entertaining his grandchildren with his stories. He told the Guardian newspaper: ‘’Just the joy of being able to make stuff up and the joy of getting them to laugh, or getting them to be scared, knowing that I’m going to rescue them from their fear in about nine seconds. ‘’That kind of fireside storytelling is the stuff I think dreams are made of. I just love doing it. I’ve always done that. I look forward to it, the same way I look forward to making the next movie.’’

The ‘BFG’ director added: ‘’I have not yet copyrighted a single story I’ve told any of my kids or grandkids. It’s fine. If any story inspires them, they can have it.’’